Therapeutic Styles

I consider the therapeutic relationship to be a very important aspect of the healing process. Dysfunctional relationships are counter-productive and cause individuals to worsen their physical and emotional health. I therefore maintain an honest, caring and mindful relationship with my patients. I give honest feedback, emotional support and I believe that a good sense of humor is a necessary nutrient for growth.

How do I achieve this goal?

  • By helping my patients to define their difficulties and their aspirations.
  • By getting them to change troublesome thoughts, feelings and/or patterns of behavior.
  • By helping them consider and practice alternative ways of relating to people, places and things that cause distress.

This empowering process develops honesty, mental clarity and emotional courage.

The collaboration between the patient and the doctor is an integral part of the therapy. I emphasize to the patients the need to take a hundred percent responsibility for their lives and their vision thereof, and to step out of victimization. If necessary, I welcome collaboration with other practitioners such as body workers, psychiatrists, and acupuncturists. In some cases, I advise complementary activities such as nutrition, physical exercise, art and financial consultancy to optimize the treatment.

My style of psychotherapy emphasizes interpersonal interactions, introspection, cognitive-behavioral change (i.e., conscious intentional changes of the emotions by changing your perceptions/beliefs and actions), role-playing, EMDR, Integrative Restoration (iRest®), hypnotic techniques, breathing retraining and body awareness.

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