Feminine Power

Women from all over the globe are waking up to what Feminine Power means. Feminine Power is the power of relatedness and it is the most potent force you can access  in order to co-create with the healthy masculine prosperous transformations.

The integration of core feminine values like connection, collaboration, intimacy, emotions and heart is crucial to step in a wholesome future.

Most individuals (male and female alike) in western culture have been assimilated into societies that favor linear and logical thinking over intuitive, multi-dimensional ways of being and knowing. As a result, many of us mistakenly believe that feminine qualities like relatedness and intuition are weak and undesirable.  But the truth is, bringing into balance your mastery of both feminine and masculine systems of power is key to closing the gap on the potentials for your life.

The Dalai Lama has made reference to the importance of women in shifting the course of humanity. The impulse to thrive is awakening in all of us. We know  that there is something more to our life’s purpose than what is now within our grasp. Our coaching sessions and workshop will enhance your ability to make the biggest contribution to fulfilling a purpose even beyond your own thriving and toward uplifting the consciousness of all of humanity.

Video of the Dalai Lama as he speaks about the role of women in promoting peace during a talk to the Lions Club of Dharamsala, India, on April 29th, 2010.

When I was first emerging into my feminine power, the sense of realignment with a deeper, more connected and grounded, more intuitive part of myself was unmistakable. I could feel it in my bones! I also sensed the capacity to be comfortable, curious with the unknown. The capacity to hold at the same time my strengths and vulnerabilities, knowing and not knowing, certainty and confusion from a bigger wider place became obvious and comforting.

I am also an active member of the  OAW and Feminine Power Global Community.  They are learning communities of awakening women, created  to provide the mutual support structures so critical to bringing lasting transformation and change into being.

As member of this community, I am continuing  to  learn, explore and develop the most profound and direct pathways to awakening the co-creative feminine power in women around the world. Taking 100 % responsibility for the profound self-love, mutual support, deep connection, prosperity and partnership we seek within ourselves and with other awakening women everywhere are some of the core principles.

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