Cross-Cultural Awareness

Cross-Cultural Therapy  is a major key to world Peace and Abundance. It deals with identifying and resolving the differences arising from our respective backgrounds, whether socio-economic, racial, national, linguistic, religious, educational or cultural.

In addition, participants learn to value the complexity and richness of their lineage and make a more powerful contribution to their community.

Having lived on several continents, I have experienced these differences very deeply and have been motivated to find solutions.cross-cultural

These differences can lead to many conflicts or misunderstandings. Even with the best of intentions, the frequency of cultural misperceptions separates us, creating a number of problems, either big or small.

These problems are essentially due to the profound differences in our cultural premises. Most of the time these premises (what is True for us) are totally unconscious…they have been learned little by little since we were born and constitute everything that appears to be “normal” or “going without saying”.cross-culture complexity

By growing aware of the relativity of “one’s truth” and the legitimacy of someone else’s truth, one can learn the differences in sensitivities and avoid jumping to the wrong conclusions. Instead of feeling threatened by these differences I help the individual to welcome the exchange and embrace the enrichment that these interactions bring to us.

Far from eliminating threatening differences, my goal is to make relationships safe and tolerant through these differences. In this fashion, I help the patient to develop the ability to read between the lines of human interactions, which allows peace and cooperation to replace feelings of mistrust and alienation. I am convinced that working with our cross-cultural differences can enrich our human need to be loving as well as loved.

I have lectured extensively on French-American cross-cultural differences.

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