Anne’s Vision

Anne takes pride in her multi-cultural experience and her capacity to help people identify resources for self-resilience in order to navigate and thrive through changing times. With every “disaster” we may feel a sense of victimization. We have the innate potential to transform this negative experience into a meaningful breakthrough where creativity, love and spirit can emerge and thrive.

Anne’s mission is to provide scientifically grounded, integrated views of human potential. She guides people to experience their own wholeness resulting in a more vibrant life, healthier mind, heart and body. A profound sense of loving connection with one’s self, each other and the rest of the natural world spontaneously unfolds.

Her personal life and vocation  is a testament to her vision : an unending sense of curiosity and delight in life backed by a ferocious commitment to make “lemonade out of lemons”.  All that with the help of her community : she is deeply grateful for the presence of friends, colleagues and the synchronicity that life presents.

She loves to facilitate participant’s access to life–altering world -views, to listen to their internal GPS (guidance) and to  become receptive to ideas and ways of living that will create a world that is radically new and more loving. She believes in the power of collaboration and  the resources of group consciousness.Relational field

In this context, people are encouraged to tap into their creativity, vision of the future, nurture courage to create new structures to build and maintain a healthy, meaningful, sustainable and joyful life for all.


Tel: +1-415-456-5502   California, USA