Professional Services

Anne is an English and French bilingual international licensed Psychologist, Meditation teacher and a transformation Coach who works with men and women. She loves to work with people from all walks of life and feels deeply enriched by these collaborations.

She is confident in the individual’s capacity for Self-regulation and Self-realization and the power of collective group consciousness to shape the future of our world towards more goodness, social justice and Joy.

Her approach is an integrated body/heart/mind/spirit way that not only improves your performance but also  positively transforms  your vision of yourself and deepens your relationship with people, places and things. She loves to collaborate with other professionals in service to her clients.

Clinical Psychologist

Anne de Lovinfosse, Ph.D. is a bilingual (English-French) licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a substance abuse, trauma,  anxiety and grief specialist.

Anne has a broad experience having lived in several continents. She has had extensive foundational training in the finest analytical and cognitive-behavioral tradition at the University of Louvain in Belgium. She extended her post-graduate training at the School of Psychosynthesis in London in the 1970’s.

She came to the US for post-doctoral work in 1979. Additionally Anne uses a variety of alternative techniques including biofeedbackiRest-Yoga Nidra, EMDR and positive psychology, to help patients be more resilient and adaptable to changing circumstances. They learn to be increasingly at ease with what ever life’s handle them.

Her practice includes somatic, cognitive and systems approaches using the latest psychological techniques integrating body-mind interaction. In addition to her private practice, she has been selected to be a resource for the French consulate, a Choice Provider for Veterans, and Trauma Specialist for the Department of Public Transportation.

A lover of nature, she is an advocate for animal assisted therapy. Anne has an ongoing research on the influence of swimming with wild dolphins and whales as a catalyst for healing in the context of eco-psychology. She leads retreats in nature to help us reconnect with our wholeness.


Anne has a profound interest in the study of Consciousness and Meditation Practice. She is a meditation teacher (Yoga Nidra) who specializes in integrating the paradigm of modern neuroscience, Western relational psychology and the insight of Eastern contemplative practices in a secular way.

As a certified teacher  working  with individual or in group, with issues ranging from PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, stress-reduction to self realization , has been deeply satisfying.

Anne is passionate about interpersonal neurobiology and brain plasticity.

Life Coach

Anne works with clients in person and/or by phone in the areas of:

  • -health and well-being
  • -love and partnership
  • -life purpose and transitions
  • -graceful and vibrant aging

Anne is a certified Feminine Power Transformative Leadership graduate since 2012.

Women Empowerment Circles

She facilitates ongoing Women Empowerment Circles.

Make America Kind Again

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