Therapeutic Orientation

My therapeutic orientation supports the natural innate capacity to heal and to  continually transform towards higher levels of health, well-being and wholeness. It is called in neurophysiology : the positive neuroplasticity of the brain

My work consists in partnering with client or groups, to be curious and help to dissolve the obstacles to self-regulation with a variety of ways. “Talk therapy” involving one part of the brain is balanced by helping the person to experience what they feel inside, and learn to trust the wisdom of the messages of their body.  When they leave therapy or coaching, they feel at home in their body and fully present.

I help the patient to create his/her own structures to develop and maintain their own vision and meaning of life, so as to lead them on the path of their own destiny.

Another important aspect of the collaboration is the fact that I hold a safe and confidential place for them the experience and possibility of accessing a place of peace, love, awareness. I serve as their deepest vision “holder” while they travel the necessary detours of life and sometimes forget the precious vision.

Developing a gentle non-judgmental self-acceptance is what makes the healing process possible. We are all at the best place to learn and move towards wholeness regardless that we like our circumstances or not. My patients realize that they, and only they, can take full responsibility for their lives and attitudes. It is important to acknowledge and feel the impact of victimization, neglect and then to shift to a place in and from which we are empowered, have perspective and energy.

In therapy or coaching, clients discover their natural state of balance, joy and authenticity.

My practice is largely influenced by the school of Psychosynthesis, which defines mental health as not only the absence of illness but also the presence of well-being and an experience of interdependent connection with the world.

While the european foundation of my training (university of Louvain) is in analytical and behavioral-cognitive therapy, I have incorporated  since my arrival in the united States (1979) the latest advances in system theory, somatic psychology, neurophysiological knowledge, positive psychology and studies in Consciousness in my methods.




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